kep2Fireberry is a unique, artisan spirit, distilled exclusively from fruit. The alcohol, which came from fermented and distilled fruit pulp, has been a part of European culture for centuries. Fireberry is the only one of its kind made in England. It is known as Grappa in Italy, Šljivovica (Slivovitz) in Serbia where it is made from plums. In Hungary it is Pálinka. In Germany, Kirschwasser is made from cherries. (Not to be confused with fruit brandy, which is made from distilled fruit wine.) It is time for us to have our own fruit distillate. Fireberry is proudly made in the British Isles, in England. Various fruits can be used… Read more

I grew up in my father’s brewery. So to be honest, at the start I was never really interested in the spirit which my wife’s grandfather distilled. I put him in a box labelled “grumpy old man, …Read more

voteiconI hear what you say, so please tell me how much you like these bottles and nominate the following fruits as the next Fireberry flavour…. Read more

pre_0001I couldn’t have been happier when in February this year, after nearly a year of writing a business plan, designing, branding and who knows what else, I held my presentation in front of potential investors who gave me a positive answer. It’s true I sold a small piece of my future profit, but if that was the price of having my own distillery, I could live with it… The day of the signing of the contract had come, a small crowd was expecting me in the meeting room. My investor began his speech by saying they thought I could achieve higher targets than I was aiming at, so they had changed the contract… Read more

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